Sponsoring the World's Greatest Train Meet in York, PA


Orange Hall York Train Meet Parking Lot Steam into History Iwa Jima Memorial

Orange Hall, York Expo Center, York, PA

While the name on the building is Utz, everyone knows this is the Orange Hall.

Where's the closest parking space!!!

You'll want to get there early to ensure you get a good parking space well before the opening bell.

Steam into History Train Ride

Ride the rails that Abraham Lincoln rode to give his Gettysburg Address at Steam into History, New Freedom, PA.

Old Glory - honoring the lives of our heroes

Eastern Division considers it a privilege to gather under our flag and celebrate the freedom to play trains and share the love of our hobby with friends.

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York Train Meet
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York Meet Wrap Up

October 2018

April 2018 -

October 2017

April 2017

Total Registrations - 10,086 ~ Public Admissions approximately 600 attendees and families.

October 2016

Total Registrations - 10,924

April 2016

Total Registrations - 11,319

October 2015

Total Registrations - 12,073

April 2015

Total Registrations - 10,987

October 2014

Total Registrations - 12,355

April 2014

Total Registrations - 12,225

October 2013

Total Registrations - 13,523

April 2013

Total Registration - 12,703

October 2012

Total Registrations - 13,713

April 2012

Total Registrations - 13,403

October 2011

Total Registrations - 13,608

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